Gents Hair

Shampoo cut & finish33
Shampoo & clipper cut25
Clipper cut20
Cut & beard trim42
Beard trim15
Cut & colour68
Hot towel shave, shampoo cut & finish60
Hot towel shave30

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Ladies Hair

Shampoo cut & finish55
Blow dry short30
Blow dry medium33
Blow dry long36
Highlights full head120
Highlights half head95
Colour full head78
Colour re-growth58

Your Hair Consultation

Our team of expert Barbers and Hairdressers at Blades are skilled in giving you the haircut, style and colour you want.  During your consultation your barber or hairdresser will talk to you about the look you want to achieve – to fit the type of job you do, the style of clothes you usually wear and how you wear your hair every day; making sure your hair not only looks great when you leave the salon but it works for you every day.

Be honest and upfront with your hairdresser. If you’re the kind of person that’s more likely to press the snooze button rather than get up and style your hair, tell your hairdresser.  It’s all very well leaving the salon looking and feeling fabulous but you need a style that works in your daily life.

You might have your heart set on a particular style, but if your hairdresser is trying to veer you away from it, ask why.  It could be because your hair texture or face shape is better suited to a slightly different style – Our expert hairdressers and barbers will advise you on how to achieve the look you want and tailor it to your individual look and style.

top tip graphic - This might not be a new revolutionary tip, but it’s still useful. Show your barber or hairdresser a few pictures of the style you want – it is still one of the best ways to ensure you and your hairdresser have the same vision.

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